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University at Albany School of Public Health Maternal and Child Health Public Health Catalyst Program

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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: MCH Public Health Catalyst Program

Project Director(s):

Christine T. Bozlak, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor
University at Albany
One University Place
Rensselaer, NY  12144
Phone: 518-402-0299


With a rapidly evolving United States health care and public health system, mass retirements in the maternal and child health (MCH) workforce, and persistent disparities in key MCH population health outcomes, there is a growing need for a well-trained and diverse MCH workforce. The University at Albany School of Public Health (UA SPH), an accredited SPH and current MCH Public Health Catalyst Program grantee located in Rensselaer, New York, presents this proposal to enhance its capacity to educate a diverse student body in MCH fundamentals and the MCH leadership competencies, while also supporting the continued professional development of the UA MCH faculty.

Goals and Objectives:

The goals of this program are to:

  1. Increase the number of students, especially students from underrepresented groups, who graduate from the UA SPH with formal introductory education and training in MCH;
  2. Implement the Graduate Certificate in MCH with increasing enrollment in the certificate each grant year;
  3. Increase the number of UA SPH graduates, especially from underrepresented groups, who assume MCH-related positions in all relevant settings;
  4. Expand the number of UA faculty who can teach and mentor students in MCH by offering an affiliated faculty designation and MCH professional development opportunities; and
  5. Explore additional MCH-specific degree program opportunities at the SPH.


To meet the project goals and objectives, a 5-year plan is proposed that incorporates the implementation of the newly approved Graduate Certificate in MCH, development of new MCH courses, a MCH student and alumni interest group, MCH trainee mentorship and practica, outreach and recruitment activities to students from underrepresented groups, and MCH professional development opportunities for MCH trainees and faculty.


The project goals will be achieved through collaboration and partnerships within the UA SPH and with other university schools, state and local public health agencies, and community-based organizations. The NYS Title V Program will be a key partner for the project.


Process and impact evaluation will be done through monitoring of a set of performance measures that reflect the project goals and objectives, using a continuous quality improvement approach to apply findings to refine program activities. Annotation: There is a growing need for a well-prepared and diverse maternal and child health (MCH) workforce to address the changing health care and public health landscapes, including disparities within the MCH population. The UA SPH MCH Public Health Catalyst Program will continue to provide formal introductory education and training to MCH graduate students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to help increase the number of qualified public health professionals entering the MCH workforce. This program will feature MCH coursework, a Graduate Certificate in MCH, and MCH professional development opportunities.

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