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Louisiana Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LA LEND)

Project Website

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Related Disabilities (LEND)

Project Director(s):

Philip Wilson, Ph.D.
Project Director
Human Development Center
Louisiana State University HSC
433 Bolivar Street
New Orleans, LA  70112
Phone: (504) 556-7573

Goals and Objectives:

The overall purpose of LA LEND is to improve the health of individuals who have, or are at risk for developing, ASD/DD by providing graduate-level training in maternal and child health interdisciplinary leadership education in neurodevelopmental and related disabilities. The goals of LA LEND include: (1) Recruit and support an ethnically/racially diverse group of interdisciplinary faculty and Trainees (i.e., graduate students, family members, self-advocates, and faculty) (2) LTTs will have enhanced capacity to meet the complex needs of families and individuals with ASD/DD or are at risk of developing, ASD/DD (3) LTTs will have enhanced capacity to exercise leadership skills to positively impact systems of care and services for families and individuals with ASD/DD or are at risk of developing, ASD/DD (4) Practicing professionals, families and self-advocates will have enhanced capacity to meet and/or advocate for the complex needs of families and individuals with ASD/DD, or at risk of developing ASD/DD (5) Address emerging need by improving awareness about prevalence and strategies to screen, identify and treat fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Long-term trainees (LTT) are recruited from a number of universities located in the greater New Orleans area, including HBCUs and minority serving institutions to ensure that participants represent diverse disciplines, ethnic/racial and linguistic backgrounds. The LA LEND curriculum uses Life Course Theory as an organizing framework and focuses on the impact key concepts such as social determinants of health, health disparities, interdisciplinary and family centered-practice may have throughout the life course. LTTs complete a 300+ hour curriculum that supports acquisition of Maternal and Child Health Leadership Competencies and comprises a variety of components including: (a) seminars (live and virtual), (b) field/clinical experiences, (c) research/evaluation activities, (d) leadership/ policy project, and (e) a Capstone project that is mentored by a faculty member or leader in the field of focus. LA LEND training and experiences are designed to increase the number of professionals available to screen for, diagnose or rule out ASD/DD. In addition, LA LEND will increase knowledge and skills of practicing professionals serving individuals with ASD/DD and families by providing Technical Assistance and Continuing Education on topics of importance.