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Funded Projects

University of Illinois MCH LEND Program (IL LEND)

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Related Disabilities (LEND)

Project Director(s):

Kruti Acharya, MD
Institute on Disability and Human Development (M/C 626)
University of Illinois at Chicago
1640 W. Roosevelt, MC 626
Chicago, IL  60608
Phone: 312-413-1495

Goals and Objectives:

The purpose of the IL LEND program is to improve the health of infants, children, and adolescents who have, or are at risk for developing, neurodevelopmental and other related disabilities including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through a comprehensive program of education, consultation and technical assistance that also addresses the specific needs of Illinois. Objectives: 1) Provide culturally competent family-centered interdisciplinary leadership training to 31 or 32 if post doc included long-term trainees, 2 advanced medium-term trainees, 40 medium-term trainees and 500 short-term trainees per year; 2) Provide outreach training to increase the knowledge and skills of at least 2,000 service providers, families and self-advocates on topics related to autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities; 3) Develop and maintain highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty through an ongoing program of faculty development; 4) Provide technical assistance and knowledge translation services to MCH Title V and related agencies, community organizations, families and self-advocates. Instructional methods include didactic, clinical, experiential and mentored learning elements. Other outputs of the program include training materials and expectations to produce a minimum of 100 peer reviewed knowledge products over the course of the project.