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Funded Projects

Leadership Education And Diversity (LEAD) in Maternal Child Health (MCH)

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: LEAP

Project Director(s):

Carrie Hill, PhD, RN, CNE, CPN
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
P.O. Box 26170, 1007 Walker Avenue,
Greensboro, NC  27402-6170
Phone: 336-334-3586
FAX: 336-334-3628


The purpose of this project is to recruit, prepare and retain students from culturally diverse, underserved and underrepresented backgrounds (CDUUB), and prepare them for enhanced roles in MCH and public health, increasing the diversity in the MCH nursing workforce. MCH in North Carolina continues to demonstrate significant racial disparities. These rates are impacted by many social, behavioral and health risk factors. To close the disparity gaps more nurses from CDUUB and educated in public health and MCH competencies who pursue advanced MCH degrees are needed.

Goals and Objectives:

The overall goal of this project is to
  1. increase diversity in the MCH nursing workforce, and
  2. prepare more diverse nurses to work with vulnerable populations.
The purposes/objectives of this proposal are to:
  1. Recruit and retain 10 undergraduate students per year from CDUUB to a LEAD in MCH nursing program.
  2. Prepare 10 BSN nursing students per year for enhanced roles in public health based upon core competencies of MCH.
    1. Enhance existing BSN MCH curriculum to include public health and MCH competencies.
    2. Strengthen community-based and academic-practice partnerships with Title V agencies, reaffirming support from current partnerships and adding at least four additional partnerships.
    3. Increase the number of BSN graduates from UNCG working in MCH settings to 5 graduates per year.
    4. Increase the number of BSN graduates from UNCG who pursue graduate MCH focused education; 80% of LEAD in MCH trainees will pursue MCH focused graduate education within 5 years.


This program will provide financial support to students from CDUUB in a LEAD in MCH nursing program and mentor them to pursue graduate school in MCH. Trainees will be recruited from minority high schools, freshman and sophomore students at UNCG and the current RN-BSN program. An academic enrichment program will prepare trainees with MCH leadership competencies and support in evaluating and applying to graduate school.


Advising, tutoring, and mentorship of MCH LEAP trainees and coordination of intensive summer internships as part of the academic enrichment program (AEP) will ensure success.


Outcomes of trainee recruitment, retention, graduation, and graduate school application and acceptance will be evaluated and guide adjustments to curriculum and the AEP. Ultimately students will be prepared to practice in MCH BSN nursing positions and prepared for graduate programs in MCH increasing diversity in the MCH nursing workforce and addressing identified health disparities.

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