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Funded Projects

Palau Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Project

Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program (PMHCA)

Project Director(s):

Mailie Rechirei
The Republic of Palau
1 Hospital Road, Box 6027
Koror, PW  96940-0845
Phone: (680) 488-3069


Palau's population does not have access to pediatric behavioral health care due to pediatric workforce shortage. Mental HPSA score is 19 and Primary Care HPSA score is 24.

Goals and Objectives:

The Palau Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Project aims to promote behavioral health integration into pediatric primary care by supporting pediatric mental health care telehealth access programs for Palau's ethnic population with overall vision of health equity. Objectives are: 1) By 2026, increase the availability and accessibility of statewide pediatric mental health care teams composed of child and adolescent psychiatrists, licensed substance abuse and mental health professionals, and case specialists; 2) By 2026, increase provision of training and technical assistance to behavioral health - primary care providers to enable them to conduct early identification, diagnosis, and treatment for children with behavioral health conditions; and 3) By 2026, increase access through telehealth to treatment and referral services for children and adolescents with identified behavioral health disorders, especially those living in rural and other underserved areas.


Palau Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Project Team will partner with the Division of Primary and Preventive Health Care Services and the Division of Behavioral Health, to leverage existing efforts related to child psychiatrist consultations for pediatric primary care providers and outreach and engagement of primary care providers statewide. Project will partner with key regional and national organizations to leverage Mental Health Training and Technical Assistance.


PPMHCA Project Team of the Bureau of Public Health will lead this project with the support of MOH Human Resources, Bureau of Hospital & Clinical Services, Divison of Primary & Preventive Health Care, Division of Behavioral Health, and the Palau Behavioral Health Advisory Council and collaboration with Palau AHEC, Pacific Behavioral Collaborating Council, Pacific Islands Primary Care Association, The Change Matrix, Pacific Southwest Mental Health Training and Technical Center and all relevant new partners in telehealth.


PPMHCA Project will conduct in-house Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvements, and Evaluation.