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State of WI Pediatric Mental Heath Care Access Program for continued delivery of expert consultation, education, and resources.

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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program (PMHCA)

Project Director(s):

Leah Ludlum
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Madison, WI  53703
Phone: 608.381.9132


The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) current Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (CPCP) is a statewide program which provides consultative support in diagnosing and managing mental health problems in children and adolescents, referral support, and education and training in mental health issues. State funding was appropriated to support the expansion of CPCP to all 72 counties in the state, but additional resources are needed to provide updates to data bases and expand outreach training other disciplines (e.g.) emergency department (ED) and school staff).

Goals and Objectives:

Due to the critical shortage of child psychiatrists in Wisconsin, sustaining the current CPCP provides an ongoing opportunity to build workforce capacity not only with enrolled providers but other front-line providers. CPCP will continue to be implemented in the five DHS regions. Consultation data will be collected per grant goals. DHS and CPCP staff will provide critical resources to all five regions which are rural and medically underserved communities where access to mental health care is limited. An assessment of Emergency Department (ED) staff's needs regarding children's mental health will assist in identifying educational opportunities. DHS and CPCP staff will also strengthen emerging efforts to reduce the risk of suicide in children and adolescents through offering suicide prevention training programs in schools.


The CPCP is a resource for primary care providers (PCP) caring for children and adolescents struggling with behavioral health disorders. The CPCP provides an opportunity to increase PCPs' capacity to support Wisconsin children and families through 1) Rapid consultation with a team including a Child Adolescent Psychiatrist regarding diagnosis and management options for children and adolescents; 2) A referral support system for children and adolescents to other mental health professionals and community resources; 3) Education and training in behavioral health issues. An assessment will be conducted with ED's. Results from the assessment will assist in identifying educational and training opportunities. DHS will offer suicide prevention in schools throughout Wisconsin via a subcontract with local mental health organization or agency to provide evidence-based suicide curricula.


Wisconsin continues to work toward building a statewide system of care for Wisconsin children and adolescents who are struggling with behavioral health needs. The current CPCP infrastructure is in place and consultations offered to enrolled providers. CPCP will continue coordination and collaboration with existing partners, as well as establishing new partnerships.


The current CPCP has demonstrated success in building the infrastructure and providing consultation services. Since program inception in 2014, the program staff administers pretest and posttest to track PCPs' confidence and ability to meet the mental health needs of children being served improved after using the CPCP. Follow up satisfaction surveys are also used to identify satisfaction with the service and if information learned is applicable to other patients in their practice. CPCP outcomes and survey results will continue to be collected, evaluated, and reported to track program progress and to ensure goals are achieved. Annually, reports will be prepared and shared with state constituents. School and ED project results will be tracked, evaluated, and outcomes reported.