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MCH Public Health Catalyst Program

The purpose of the Catalyst program is to: Provide an increased focus on fundamental MCH content and competencies within schools of public health where no concentration currently exists, and Provide MCH content exposure to an increased number of public health students, introducing students to careers in the maternal and child health field.

Program Description: Download Program Factsheet (PDF 300KB)

Project Officer(s): Michelle Menser Tissue, MPH

Funded Projects:

  1. Drexel University School of Public Heatth
    Grant Title: Drexel University School of Public Health Maternal and Child Health
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Region: 3

  2. Florida International University
    Grant Title: Mothers and Children FIRST! Fresh Ideas & Resources for Scholar Training
    Location: Miami, FL
    Region: 4

  3. Rutgers School of Public Health
    Grant Title: BEST Program: Building education, student nvolvement, and training in maternal and child health
    Location: New Brunswick, NJ
    Region: 2

  4. Texas A&M University Health Science Center
    Grant Title: Central Texas Maternal and Child Health Program
    Location: College Station, TX
    Region: 6

  5. University at Albany, SUNY
    Grant Title: University at Albany School of Public Health maternal and Child Health Public Health Catalyst Program
    Location: Rensselaer, NY
    Region: 2

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