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Childrens Healthy Weight CoIIN


The purpose of the Children's Healthy Weight Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CHW-CoIIN) is to partner with and support states in adopting evidence-based or evidence-informed policies and practices related to nutrition, physical activity, and breastfeeding, with the goal of increasing the proportion of children and young adults ages 0 to 21 years, including those with special health care needs, who fall within a healthy weight range. The CHW-CoIIN acts as a catalyst for programmatic and systems-level change, supporting implementation of the Title V Block Grant transformation by strengthening states' efforts to address the National Performance Measures (NPMs) related to nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding.

Participating States include:

  • Topic Focus: Intensive Level Breastfeeding
    California, Iowa, Louisiana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Nevada
  • Topic Focus: Intensive Level Physical Activity
    Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas
  • Topic Focus: Technical Assistance Level Breastfeeding
    Indiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Texas
  • Topic Focus: Technical Assistance Level Physical Activity
    Nebraska, Nevada

Project Officer(s):  Meredith Morrissette, MPH 

Funded Projects: