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Performance Reporting Resources

In June of 2016, MCHB redesigned DGIS performance measures, giving MCHB a more accurate, objective and detailed picture of the full scope of services provided by our grant programs. Additionally, the improvements will help MCHB show alignment between discretionary grant programs and the Title V Block Grant program so MCHB can measure program outcomes between the two sets of programs.

For your convenience, the approved Discretionary Grant Performance Measures are available to download. To learn more about the redesign, visit the Discretionary Grant Data Collection page.

Program-specific Performance Report Forms

Program-specific detail sheets can be accessed below. For details about performance report submission, please see the reporting requirements page or contact your Project Officer.

For an overview of key performance measure dates and summary of key DMCHWD measure changes, see Division of MCH Workforce Development DGIS Performance Measure Changes for MCH Training Program and Healthy Tomorrows Grantees

For a complete list of the full performance report forms, visit Discretionary Grant Data Collection page.

Tools and Resources

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