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Teaching and Learning Resources

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) is “the professional and academic field that focuses on the determinants, mechanisms and systems that promote and maintain the health, safety, well-being and appropriate development of children and their families in communities and societies in order to enhance the future health and welfare of society and subsequent generations.” (Alexander, 2004)

As one effort to support MCH-related education for public health students nationwide, the Division of MCH Workforce Development, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, has compiled the following list of resources to support teaching and faculty collaboration.



MCHB Training Program

This website includes an array of information about the program, including its strategic plan, network and training bulletins, information for potential and current grantees, and search capacity to locate and learn about currently funded training initiatives.

MCH Competencies

MCH leadership requires specific knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and values. The leadership competencies draw from both theory and practice to promote MCH leadership. They are targeted to MCH interdisciplinary training programs and practicing MCH professionals.

MCH Timeline

This interactive timeline traces the history of maternal and child health services, programs, and policies in the U.S. Explore specific events and time periods, or view in-depth modules on MCH 101, systems of care, infant mortality, performance and accountability, and other topics.

MCH Navigator

The MCH Navigator is a central access point for online learning in maternal and child health, linking learners to open-access webcasts, instructional modules, lectures, and other training materials. This portal provides tools for assessing individual and organizational training needs and linking needs to learning resources.

“We Are MCH” Prezi

Students and faculty of MCH Training Programs in Schools of Public Health around the country describe how their work benefits diverse communities. This prezi is an educational tool as well as a model for other MCH training programs and professionals in practice to share their answers to the question “What is MCH?” Produced by the University of South Florida MCH Public Health Training Program.

MCH Library

The MCH Library at Georgetown University is a compilation of maternal and child health information and resources. The site provides regularly updated “knowledge paths” on a wide range of MCH topics, consisting of links to other websites, publications, and databases useful for teaching and learning.

Cultural Competence in MCH Training

The National Center for Cultural Competence, with funding from MCHB, has developed Curricula Enhancement Modules and other training resources to address stereotyping, bias, discrimination, prejudice, and other “ISMs” in graduate education.

MCH Data Connect

MCH Data Connect, at the Harvard School of Public Health, provides a comprehensive online database catalog of MCH data sets, interactive tools, and other data resources for public health professionals, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and students.

MCH Life Course Toolbox

CityMatCH’s MCH Life Course Toolbox brings together information, strategies, and tools for integrating the life course perspective into MCH research, practice, policy, and training. The site provides publications, presentations, and examples of life course initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. The Toolbox also includes the Life Course Game, an interactive training tool available for purchase.


The Association of Teachers of Maternal and Child Health (ATMCH) is an interdisciplinary forum for MCH faculty from schools of public health and other institutions of higher learning. A collection of syllabi from MCH-related graduate-level courses is provided for reference (


The Association of University Centers on Disability advances policy and practice for and with people with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and their communities by supporting Centers in research, education, and service activities. Of special interest is a slide and case study library about the Life Course Perspective.


The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs is a national resource, partner, and advocate for state public health leaders and others working to improve the health of women, children, youth and families, including those with special health care needs.

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