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Title V in Your State

MCHB Discretionary Grant Information System (DGIS)

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau's (MCHB) Discretionary Grant Information System (DGIS) collects program and performance measure data for more than 900 grants annually. These data help MCHB assess the effectiveness of its programs and help project officers monitor the progress made under these grants. MCHB discretionary grants help to ensure that quality health care is available to the maternal and child health (MCH) population, which includes all of the nation's women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families, including fathers and children with special health care needs.

Title V Information System (TVIS)

Title V seeks to improve the health of all mothers and children (including children with special health care needs [CSHCN]) by assessing needs, setting priorities, and providing programs and services.

As the only governmental program responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of the entire population of women, infants, and children, the Title V program plays a critical role in coordination, capacity building, and quality oversight at the community and state levels. By connecting people to services, programs to programs, and agencies to agencies, Title V programs maximize resources and increase quality and effectiveness.

All States are required to report on a core set of measures. These measures include performance and outcome measures. All States must report on the 18 national performance measures; reporting on the six national outcome measures is required in the year of the needs assessment and optional in the interim years. Each State also reports on 9 health systems capacity indicators and 12 health status indicators that are considered key indicators of maternal and child health systems and program capacity.

  • National Performance Measures
  • National Outcome Measures
  • Health Systems Capacity Indicators
  • Health Status Indicators

Transformation of the MCH Block Grant Exit Disclaimer

Published on Jan 22, 2014 Michael Lu, MD, MS, MPH, associate administrator for maternal and child health, discusses the transformation of the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant in preparation for new guidance to be issued in 2015. Part I Exit Disclaimer and Part 2  Exit Disclaimer


Links to video by Dr. Lu
Dr. Lu discusses Transformation of
the MCH Block Grant, Part 1



Links to video by Dr. Lu
Dr. Lu discusses Transformation of
the MCH Block Grant, Part 2



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Title V in Your State