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Internship Opportunities

HRSA Public Health Internship Program

Public Health Interns will complete a one semester rotation within one of HRSA’s Bureaus or Offices. The public health internships at HRSA is an unpaid practicum experience for graduate and undergraduate students in good standing at schools of public health and public health programs in the United States. For more information, visit:

The Division of Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development (DMCHWD) Student Internship Program 

DMCHWD accepts applications on a "rolling" basis for Winter/Spring, Fall, and Summer internships from highly motivated graduate students and undergraduate seniors in good standing at schools of public health or other health-related training programs in the United States. The DMCHWD Internship is designed to educate, engage, and support future leaders in Maternal and Child Health (MCH).

Students should apply by 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time:

  • January 25 (for Summer)
  • April 25 **deadline extended to May 8** (for Fall)
  • August 25 (for Winter/Spring)

Applicant Requirements

  • Graduate students must be enrolled at least half-time in a graduate program as verified by the student's institution of higher learning. 
  • Undergraduate seniors must be enrolled at least half-time in an undergraduate program as verified by the student’s institution of higher learning. Current juniors/”rising” seniors may apply for a summer internship, assuming they will enter their fourth year in the fall.
  • Post-graduate students will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • An applicant must be a United States citizen or foreign national having in his/her possession a visa permitting permanent residence in the United States.

Internship Requirements

  • The internship is located in Rockville, Maryland and is Metro accessible.
  • This is an unpaid experience. Students are responsible for all costs associated with the internship, including room/board, transport, and other living expenses.
  • A 200-hour (6- to 8-week) minimum commitment is strongly preferred.

Other Information

  • Students may apply for a winter/spring, fall, and/or summer internship at any time throughout the year.  Students should apply by 11:59 P.M. on January 25 (for Summer), May 8 (for Fall), and August  25 (for Winter/Spring).
  • Flexibility in the internship work schedule will be accorded to accommodate concurrent academic coursework and responsibilities.

Intern(s) selected to work with DMCHWD will have the opportunity to help shape their experience based on interest areas.  Possible focus areas may include:

  • Communications:  Contribute to the continued implementation of DMCHWD's communications plan.
  • MCH Workgroups and Committees Participate in cross-cutting DMCHWD and Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) efforts around Workforce Development.
  • Trainee Engagement: Develop and sustain activities that encourage networking and engagement of current and former MCH trainees.
  • MCH Training Program Data Analyze quantitative and qualitative data and produce summary reports.
  • Grantee Best Practices:  Research, compile, and disseminate grantee best practices from the MCH Training Program.

"Rolling" Recruitment

Interested candidates can submit the following documents at any time throughout the year. Application packages received by January 25 will be considered for Summer (or later) Internships; application packages received by May 8 will be considered for Fall (or later) Internships; and, application packages received by August 25 will be considered for Winter/Spring (or later) Internships, as available.

Internship Application Package:

  1. Statement of Interest (500-word max)
    Please address each of the following:
    • General Guiding Questions: What do you hope to gain from this internship experience? What makes you passionate about maternal and child health? How does this internship align with your career goals?
    • Health Equity and Diversity Guiding Questions: How have your experiences shaped your definition of diversity? What does it mean for you to have a commitment to diversity? In your opinion, what is the purpose of promoting health equity over health equality?
    • Training Program Involvement: Have you been involved with any of DMCHWD's graduate or undergraduate education programs? If so, please describe your involvement.
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  3. Unofficial Transcript (most current)

Statement of Availability:

  1. Term of Availability for internship, generally:
    • Winter/Spring → e.g., January through May
    • Summer → e.g., June through August
    • Fall → e.g., September through December
  2. Number of Days of Availability (excluding weekends and holidays) – e.g., 3-4 days per week.
  3. Number of Hours Required for Internship (if applicable) – e.g., 320 total hours needed. Please note that a 200-hour (6- to 8-week) minimum is strongly preferred.
  4. Any Concurrent Academic Coursework and Responsibilities – e.g., Working as a Graduate Research Assistant two days per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Interested Candidates

Interested Candidates are encouraged to:

  • Join the DMCHWD Email Lists for additional announcements and opportunities.
  • Submit the following:
    1. Internship Application Package, and
    2. Statement of Availability (as outlined above) to
  • Contact for further information.


We look forward to continuing to work with talented trainees at MCHB!


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