Trainee Resources

We have created a toolkit to help orient new and current MCH Trainees to the MCH network. Toolkit resources include the Welcome Video, Exit Disclaimer the MCH Training Program Handbook, Making Lifelong Connections Exit Disclaimer, 5 Easy Steps to Your MCH Training Network, and DMCHWD Internships.

The Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG) fosters connections between trainees across the MCH Training Program, provides trainees with leadership development opportunities, and strengthens the link between trainees and MCHB.

We are pleased to highlight how MCH Trainees are contributing to the field. To submit a highlight, trainees should contact their program directors, and program directors should contact their project officers.

Learn how MCH Workforce Development Graduate Education Programs have influenced the career paths of former MCH trainees in MCH teaching, research, clinical practice, public health administration and policy making, and community-based programs.

The MCH Workforce Development Trainee Listserv is meant to facilitate connections between all current and former MCH Trainees nationwide, and to share information, current research, meetings, and events pertaining to MCH Trainees in any discipline.