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Healthy People 2010: Selected Focus Areas and Objectives For Females

Healthy People 2010: Selected Focus Areas and Objectives For Females
Focus Area Objective Baseline Most Recent Change Since Baseline Target

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, DATA2010 [online analysis tool]. Using data from National Health Interview Survey, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, National Vital Statistics System, National Hospital Discharge Survey, National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, National Survey on Drug Use and Health; U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics; and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, Air Quality System. http://wonder.cdc.gov/data2010/, accessed 01/09/09.

Access to Health Care 16-6. Increase the proportion of pregnant women who receive early and adequate prenatal care 74% 75% Improved 90%
1-4. Increase in Persons With Specific Source of Ongoing Care (all ages) 91% 90% Worsened 96%
Environmental Health 8-1g. Reduce the proportion of persons exposed to air that does not meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's health-based standards for harmful air pollutants: Number of people exposed to any harmful air pollutants (all ages; in thousands) 69,937 58,794 Improved 0
Immunization and Infectious Disease 14-29a. Increase the proportion of adults who are vaccinated annually against influenza (aged 65 and older) 63% 64% Improved 90%
14-29b. Increase the proportion of adults who are ever vaccinated against pneumococcal disease (aged 65 and older) 46% 59% Improved 90%
Injury and Violence 15-28. Reduce hip fractures among older adults (per 100,000) 1055.8 868.0 Improved 416.0
15-34. Reduce the rate of physical assault by current or former intimate partners (aged 12 and older; per 1,000) 7.2 3.3 Improved 3.3
Mental Health 18-1. Reduce the suicide rate (all ages; per 100,000) 4.0 4.4 Worsened 4.8
Overweight and Obesity 19-1. Increase the proportion of adults who are at a healthy weight (aged 20 and older) 45% 37% Worsened 60%
19-17. Increase the proportion of physician office visits made by patients with a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hyperlipidemia that include counseling or education related to diet and nutrition (aged 20 and older) 39% 35% Worsened 75%
Physical Activity 22-2. Increase the proportion of adults who engage regularly, preferably daily, in moderate or vigorous physical activity (aged 18 and older) 29% 29% No change 50%
Substance Abuse 26-3. Reduce drug-induced deaths (all ages; per 100,000) 4.4 8.1 Worsened 1.2
26-18b Reduce the treatment gap for illicit drugs in the general population: Treatment for alcohol and/or drugs (aged 12 and older) 11% 11% No change 16%
Tobacco Use 27-1. Reduce tobacco use by adults (aged 18 and older) 22% 18% Improved 12%
27-5. Increase smoking cessation attempts by adult smokers (aged 18 and older) 42% 44% Improved 75%

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