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Women's Health USA 2013 An illustrated collection of current and historical data, published annually.


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Section PDF of Print Version Data: Zipped CSVs Graphs: Zipped GIFs
Women's Health USA 2013 2.3 MB, 62 pages 103k, 85 files 1.9MB, 85 files
Preface and Reader's Guide 149k, 2 pages Not applicable Not applicable
Population Characteristics 554k, 11 pages 36k, 19 files 418k, 19 files
Health Status 1.3MB, 27 pages 45k, 43 files 1.1MB, 43 files
Health Status - Health Behaviors 315k, 5 pages 10k, 10 files 255k, 10 files
Health Status - Health Indicators 984k, 18 pages 27k, 33 files 723k, 33 files
Health Status - Special Populations 236k, 3 pages 10k, 5 files 134k, 5 files
Health Services Utilization 398k, 12 pages 16k, 23 files 433k, 23 files
Contributors and Indicators in Previous Editions 85k, 1 page Not applicable Not applicable