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Women's Health USA 2013 An illustrated collection of current and historical data, published annually.

Health Services Utilization

Availability of and access to quality health care services directly affects all aspects of women’s health. Access to health care is critical to prevent the onset of disease, as well as to identify health issues early and prevent disease progression. Although health care is important for all women, it may be particularly important among women who have poor health status, chronic conditions, or disabilities. Appropriate utilization can be hampered by limited financial resources and lack of health insurance or comprehensive insurance, as well as language, transportation, and other barriers.

This section presents data on women’s use of health services, including data on women’s health insurance coverage, usual source of care, health care expenditures, and use of various services, such as preventive care, oral health care, and mental health services. New features within this section include data on contraceptive use and patient-centered care.

Topics in this section include: