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Our Research History and Accomplishments

Our Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Research Program supports improvements in the public health system.

We support research that helps us understand what changes to make and what programs work best to improve the health of mothers, children and their families.

Our research program began when the U.S. Children's Bureau was founded in 1912. Since 1963, our reputation has grown because of ground-breaking investigations.  Our work influences how health care is delivered to those who most need it, including children with special health care needs. We have:

  • Produced guidelines for monitoring child health from infancy through adolescence;
  • Influenced the nature of nutrition care during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Provided the recommended standards for prenatal care;
  • Identified successful strategies for preventing childhood injuries; and
  • Developed health safety standards for daycare facilities.

Read Remembering our Past, Building the Future: 100 Years of the Maternal and Child Health Research Program (PDF 481K) (PDF) for further information on the roots of our research.

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