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Office of Epidemiology and Research (OER)

We conduct and fund research that scientists, medical professionals, and policy makers use to advance the health and well-being of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) populations.

Our office has two divisions:

Division of Epidemiology (DOE)

  • Funds and directs the National Survey of Children’s Health
  • Provides training and resources to build the skills of data users and MCH epidemiologists

Division of Research (DOR)

Key Accomplishments

Broadly, we advance MCH population health through:

Child health surveys

  • Funding and directing the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH), an annual household survey of children’s health and well-being. The NSCH provides national- and state-level data on a variety of key child health indicators, including:
    • Medical home access
    • Presence and impact of special health care needs
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
    • Healthy and Ready to Learn

Access our recent NSCH publications and data releases

  • Partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to sponsor content on the Household Pulse Survey. This monitors the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children's mental health.
  • Funding and designing the NSCH Longitudinal Cohort study to follow up with 2018-2019 NSCH respondents. This will provide publicly available data on longer-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. children and their families.

Building MCH epidemiological capacity

Funding research

In addition to our NSCH, we have funded over 350 awardees since 2000 through:

Resulting in:

  • Over 2,000 peer-reviewed research journal publications

In FY 2021, our Research Network and Single Investigator Innovation Program grantees have:

  • Distributed 9 clinical guidelines to transform care
  • Conducted over 209 studies across 558 research sites
  • Enrolled nearly 4 million individuals in primary and secondary research

Supporting Researchers

Consider joining our

Engaging Research Innovation and Challenges (EnRICH) webinar series which:

  • Provides a national forum for researchers to discuss new solutions to maternal and child health research and practice
  • Provides guidance on how to improve both the grant-writing and research process and respond to emerging issues
  • Engages an average of more than 200 participants from the fields of public health, medicine, nursing, epidemiology, nutrition, psychology, social work, and special education

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