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Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) Challenge: Innovations in Pediatric Primary Care to Improve Child Health

Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) ChallengeWhy We Developed the P4 Challenge Competition

Within months of the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC data showed declining rates of vaccinations and well-child visits among pediatric populations. The CDC reports that declines in vaccination coverage might leave young children and communities vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles.

Well-child visits are an important venue for counseling, as well as vaccine administration and documentation.

We developed this prize competition to support solutions to this issue, supporting communities in their efforts to make sure children receive the well-child checkups and the vaccinations that they need to grow and stay healthy.

The Design of the P4 Challenge

We invited applicants to propose and implement innovative approaches to increase access to and use of well-child visits and/or immunizations services within primary care settings.

There were two phases to this competition with a total prize purse of $1 million.

During Phase 1, applicants submitted proposals describing their innovative approach aimed at increasing key pediatric health performance measures such as:

  • Number of well-child visits (number of visits/number of children in the target population)
  • Well-child visit disparities (comparing measures across two or more subpopulations)
  • Doses administered of specific vaccines; coverage of the primary pediatric vaccination series (for example, number of MMR vaccines given/number of children 12-18 months in the target population)
  • Disparities within the community on a specific immunization metric (comparing measure across two or more subpopulations)

At the end of Phase 1, 50 winners received $10,000 each and used their prize money to deploy their proposed approaches in Phase 2. During Phase 2, teams gathered data to track their progress and to report outcomes.

At the end of Phase 2, 20 final winning teams will receive $25,000 each.

Awarded Prizes

Total Cash Prize Pool: $1,000,000

Phase I Winners: 50 winning teams each received $10,000 each

Phase II Winners: 20 winning teams are receiving $25,000 each

Watch the webinar where we presented this Challenge and announced our 20 final winners - January 2022

P4 Challenge in the Broader Context

Well-child visits are not only an important venue for vaccine administration and documentation, but providers also screen for developmental delays. Parents can raise concerns about a child’s physical problems, behavior, and mental health and receive personalized guidance on healthy nutrition, exercise, and safety.

This Challenge was designed to help get the message out to parents and caregivers that children should maintain well-child visits and get timely vaccinations in their medical home and that children who are not up-to-date with vaccinations recommended by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) should be seen in primary care as soon as possible for catch-up vaccination.

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