Performance Reporting Resources

The DGIS performance measures provide MCHB with a detailed picture of the full scope of services provided by our grant programs. Additionally, the measures help MCHB show alignment between discretionary grant programs and the Title V Block Grant program, so MCHB can measure program outcomes between the two sets of programs.

For your convenience, the approved Discretionary Grant Performance Measures (PDF - 1 MB) are available to download.

Program-specific performance report forms

Program-specific performance measure assignments can be accessed below. For details about performance report submission, please see the reporting requirements page or contact your Project Officer.

For an overview of key performance measure dates and summary of key DMCHWD measure changes, see Division of MCH Workforce Development DGIS Performance Measure Changes for MCH Training Program and Healthy Tomorrows Grantees (PDF)

For a complete list of the full performance report forms, visit Discretionary Grant Data Collection page.

Tools and resources for PMHCA awardees

Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program - Additional Reporting Resources

The Reports and Measures document is a guidance document listing reporting requirements. There is one PDF file for each cohort (awardees starting in 2021, 2022, and 2023). HRSA has added more detailed information on the Discretionary Grants Information System (DGIS) PMs. This file includes an outline of each required report and what they include, the reporting timeline with due dates for the period of performance, reporting periods, and all program measures required for reporting including NOFO Performance Measures (PMs) and DGIS Performance Measure Assignments. This file also includes the changes to each DGIS form announced in 2023 and each DGIS form required for submission of all Performance Reports and baseline data in the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs).

The General Data Template (GDT) facilitates reporting for the NOFO PMs only, which are collected in Training Form 15. Additional required measures (DGIS PMs) are collected in other forms in the DGIS Performance Reports. PMHCA awardees should use the 2023 General Data Template guidance for 9/30/2023 - 9/29/2024 data, as well as in future years unless an updated version of the GDT is provided by HRSA. Awardees should continue to utilize the General Data Template when collecting data to then be used to populate Training Form 15 in the DGIS Performance Reports within the EHBs.

Please contact your Project Officer with any questions on Reports and Measures or the GDT.

2021 ARP-PMCHA Awardees

2022 ARP-PMHCA Awardees

2023 PMHCA Awardees

Webinar Archive: Performance Measures Update

Former Trainee Follow-up Survey (PDF)

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