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Expanding Rural Access to Breastfeeding Support: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. The Rand Corporation -04/01/2016

Using a Guided Self-Help Treatment Model for Childhood Obesity Management in the Primary Care Setting. UC-San Diego - 04/01/2016

Mental Health Care Coordination for Transition Aged Youth with Serious Mental Health Conditions. Children’s Research Institute - 04/01/2016

Exercise Intervention for Preventing Perinatal Depression among Low Income Women. Regents of the University of Minnesota - 04/01/2016

Care4Moms. UNC-Chapel Hill - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Patterns of Infant Feeding and Child’s Health at Six Years of Age. The University of Memphis - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Racial Disparities in Prevalence of Infertility and Utilization of Fertility Services with a Special Focus on American Indian/Alaska Natives. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Emergency Medical Care of Severely Injured US Children. The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Preventive Health Services and ED Utilization Among At-Risk Infants. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Med Center - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) A Population-Based Secondary Data Analysis of Short Birth Intervals: Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, Pregnancy Intention, and Postpartum Contraceptive Use. University of North Carolina at Charlotte - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Sexual Assault Among College Students: New Insights for Prevention. Regents of the University of Minnesota - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Perinatal Outcomes for Pregnant High Utilizers of Unscheduled Hospital-Based Care. Trustees of Boston University, BUMC - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Absence of Primary Care in High-Intensity Children with Special Health Care Needs. The Children's Hospital Corporation - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Pediatric Dental Coverage and Utilization. The Rand Corporation - 04/01/2016

(SDAS) Foundations for Smarter Screening: Exploring Patterns of Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Protective Influence of Early Intervention on Child Health and Development. University of Arkansas System - 04/01/2016

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