Office of Epidemiology and Research, Division of Research

Advancing Applied MCH Research

Newly Funded Projects

(FIRST) Impact of a Newborn Behavioral Intervention on the Mental Health and Parenting of First-Time Mothers with Late-Preterm Infants. The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. Boston, MA. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2021

(FIRST) Promoting healthy mother-child relationships: A pragmatic clinical trial for women in opioid treatment and their infants. Trustees of Boston University. Boston, MA. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2021

(FIRST) Randomized Control Trial of Universal vs. Targeted School Screening for Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder. The Pennsylvania State University. Hershey, PA. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2021

(SDAR) A Developmental Perspective in Child Welfare: Caregiver Mental, Behavioral, and Physical Health as Determinants of Childrens Health Outcomes. Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2019

(SDAR) Health Equity and Perinatal Periods of Risk: Considering A Changing Landscape. Saint Louis University. Holts Summit, MO. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2019

(SDAR) Interconception opportunities to address mental health and obesogenic risks. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2019

(SDAR) Residential Mobility, Head Start, and Young Children's Health and Wellbeing. Trustees of Tufts College Inc. Medford, MA. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2019

(SDAR) Socioeconomic disparities in early origins of childhood obesity and body mass index trajectories. Research Foundation for the State University of New York. Buffalo, NY. 7/01/2018 - 06/30/2019


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