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Psycho-Social Sequelae of BPD and VLBW: Phase (3) Three

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Project Number: R40 MC 00334-04
Grantee: Case Western Reserve University
Project Date: 01/01/2003

Final Report

Psycho-Social Sequelae of BPD and VLBW: Phase (3) Three Final Report (PDF) Exit Disclaimer

Principal Investigator

Lynn T. Singer, Ph.D.
CWRU The Triangle Building, Suite 250A 11400 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH  44106
Phone: (216) 844-6212
Email: /


  • Perinatal/Infancy (0-12 months)
  • Adolescence (12-18 years)


Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a chronic lung disease of prematurity, currently occurs in 25-40% of very low birthweight (VLBW) births and has been found to be significantly related to poorer developmental outcome in VLBW cohorts. The first waves of post-surfactant survivors are now approaching early adolescence, with little known about their long-term pulmonary outcomes, growth or functional abilities. Since 1990, incidence of BPD has increased more than 50% with >11,000 new cases annually. Further, there are few data regarding behavioral, psychosocial and family outcomes of VLBW cohorts in general, because VLBW infants are disproportionately minority (African-American) and of low SES, understanding the role of these factors in moderating outcomes is important. The proposed study will assess 302 fourteen-year old children (110 BPD, 80 VLBW, 112 healthy, term), previously followed from birth--8 years of age in longitudinal studies of the medical/psychosocial correlates of BPD and VLBW. The proposed research will investigate their early adolescent outcomes with a focus on the influence of BPD, relative to other risk factors, on pulmonary, cognitive, language, neuropsychological and behavioral/emotional outcomes. Standardized measures of child outcomes, teacher and parental report of child behaviors, and parental report of psychological and parenting stress, coping mechanisms and social supports will be given. Groups do not differ on age, race, sex, SES, parental education/marital status. Descriptive statistics, MANOVAS/MANCOVAS and multiple regression will be used to assess group differences and the relative effects of BPD, VLBW, and other risk factors, especially race and SES, on outcomes. Data sets from the prior longitudinal studies will be merged with 14 year outcome data to assess changes over time and predictive models of infant risk, using general linear mixed or structural equation models. Delineation of specific relationships of early medical conditions, such as BPD, relative to other complications of prematurity, to adolescent outcomes may lead to early identification of those VLBW infants at highest risk for learning and behavior problems, and elucidate biologic and psychological mechanisms related to the negative sequelae of VLBW birth.


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Low Birthweight, Cognitive & Linguistic Development, Preterm, Chronic Illness, Social & Emotional Development, School Outcomes & Services, Stress, Special Health Care Needs

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