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Life Course Interventions Research Network (LCI-RN)

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Principal Investigator: Neal Halfon
Project Number: UA6MC32492
Grantee: The Regents of the University of California
Department/Center: Pediatrics/Child Health Policy
Project Date: 09/30/2018


  • Women/Maternal
  • Early Childhood (3-5 years)
  • Middle Childhood (6-11 years)
  • Adolescence (12-18 years)
  • Young Adulthood (19-25 years)

Targeted/Underserved Population

  • Low-income
  • Special Health Care Needs



The revolutionary potential of a life course approach has yet to be fully realized due to 1) gaps in our knowledge about how and when to intervene, 2) the lack of a strong research and data infrastructure to support life course intervention (LCI) research, 3) a shortage of crosssector community-based delivery platforms and flexible funding, 4) a failure to give researchers the core capacities to conduct innovative and impactful LCI research, 5) a lack of research on how best to combine interventions into a sustainable strategy, and 6) a failure to meaningfully engage patients, families, and communities in research from design through to implementation, evaluation, and scaling. These issues have hindered the development of innovative and impactful solutions to the enormous challenges facing today's children and families.

Goal(s) and Objectives:

(1) Establish and manage a Life Course Intervention Research Network (LCI-RN) Infrastructure and Learning System including a Network Coordinating Center (NCC) and Collaborating Research Entities (CREs); (2) Design, develop, publish, disseminate, and regularly update an LCI Research Agenda; (3) Develop and operate an Innovation and Impact Incubator that enables the development of LCI studies; (4) Provide training on priority topics to network members and cultivate a new generation of LCI researchers through an LCI Scholars Program; (5) Utilize a website, e-newsletters, webinars, and publications to accelerate the timely translation of LCI research; and (6) Develop and implement an outreach, engagement, and fundraising plan to ensure network growth and sustainability. PROPOSED ACTIVITIES AND TARGET POPULATION(S): The network will function as a platform that cultivates and leverages the collective intelligence of a growing and generative LCI research community, including scientists, methodologists, practitioners, family members, and community residents. As such, it will support the relentless pursuit of new ways of improving life course trajectories for diverse populations and communities.


The NCC will be centered at UCLA. Six cores will take responsibility for key network functions, with Steering and Advisory Committees engaging researchers from a growing network of universities, as well as from organizations like Family Voices, AMCHP, and CityMatch, among others. Five CREs will involve a variety of organizations and existing networks including PEDSnet, existing MCH-funded research networks, existing communitybased initiatives, and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. PRODUCTS: We anticipate producing an LCI research agenda with at least 1 peer-reviewed publication, 1 webinar, and 3 presentations, plus 3 annual updates. We will also incubate 20 studies and ten R01 grant proposals


We will use a combination of process and outcome measures to assess the network and the effectiveness and efficiency in attaining our goals and objectives.


Listed is descending order by year published.

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