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Pregnancy Related Care Research Network

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Principal Investigator: Jay Schulkin
Project Number: U4DMC39348
Grantee: University of Washington
Department/Center: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Project Date: 09/01/2020


  • Women/Maternal
  • Prenatal

Targeted/Underserved Population

  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native American/Alaskan Native
  • Rural



The Pregnancy-Related Care Research Network (PRCRN) is a national collective of women's health care providers recruited to participate in research studies. The PRCRN consists of three different networks: 1) a national group of practitioners that have agreed to participate in questionnaire studies, 2) women's health care providers in the WWAMI (Washington,Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) area, and a smaller group of practitioners at medical centers across the US that have agreed to distribute questionnaires to their patient population as well as provide access to patient data through extraction from medical records and collection of data during patient visits. The PRCRN program assesses the clinical care patterns and educational needs of women's health care providers and patient experience and outcomes in order to support efforts to improve the delivery of health care to mothers and their children.

Goals and Objectives:

1) Assess the opinions, knowledge, clinical practice, and educational needs of physicians regarding areas of clinical medicine relevant to maternal and child health. 2) Assess the patient experience regarding their health care and implement simple interventions to improve patient compliance with evidence-based recommendations. 3) Train and mentor students and young researchers/physicians and provide logistical support to encourage young investigators to engage in research. 4) Encourage interaction among different health care professionals, researchers, and policy analysts to study critical issues in maternal and child health. 5) Maintain the PRCRN membership and expand membership to include non-obstetrician-gynecologists including non-physician providers of women's health care. 6) Further develop the network of medical practices that participate in office-based research in order to obtain access to medical health record data and direct collection of data from patients. 7) Use the logistical and support infrastructure of the PRCRN to leverage additional research projects and funding by Network members and other researchers. 8) Disseminate results of the PRCRN studies to as broad an audience as possible, primarily but not exclusively by publishing the results in peer reviewed journals. Proposed Activities and Target Populations: The PRCRN project generates data pertaining to women's health care providers' practice patterns, clinical experiences, basic knowledge, professional training, and educational needs, as well as patient recall of their health care experience, their health care concerns, and clinical outcomes. The project also supports workshops, production of review articles, and training of students and young investigators.


Studies are designed in consultation with clinicians, the PRCRN Steering Committee, health care researchers, federal agencies, and US universities and research institutions. PRCRN-sponsored workshops are an avenue to generate research ideas and encourage development of grant applications by collaborating members. Products: Study results are published in peer reviewed journals and presented at conferences. The PRCRN website and biannual newsletter promote PRCRN findings to a wider audience.


The project will produce a minimum of 10 peer reviewed publications per year.

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