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Quicktime Player Tips

Quicktime Player is required to view all Quicktime Movie files (MOV). Download Quicktime Player for free.

Embedded Video on Web Page

Closed Captions

Press down arrow on player controls and select "Show Closed Captioning" in menu.

Quicktime Player

  1. Right-click Quicktime Movie file (MOV) link and save to your computer.
  2. Open MOV file in Quicktime Player.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Control Feature Keyboard Shortcut
Play/Pause Space Bar or Enter
Go back one frame Left Arrow
Go forward one frame Right Arrow
Rewind movie, press multiple times to increase speed J
Fast Forward movie, press multiple times to increase speed L
Turn volume up Up Arrow
Turn volume down Down Arrow
Activate Quick Access Keys and place focus on file menu Alt
Navigate focused file menu Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Left Arrow
Cancel Full Screen Esc

Additional Quicktime Player Features

Additional Feature Menu Location
Closed Captioning View > Show Closed Caption
Full Screen View > Full Screen

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