Office of Epidemiology and Research, Division of Research

Advancing Applied MCH Research

Strategic Research Issue #2

MCH services and systems of care efforts to eliminate health disparities and barriers to health care access for MCH populations. These health disparities and barriers to health care access may include racial/ethnic, cultural, linguistic, gender, developmental, geographic, immigrant, underserved, economic considerations, etc.

(Correlates to MCHB Strategic Plan: FYs 2003-2007, Goal 3: Eliminate Health Barriers and Disparities.)

IMPORTANT: To assist the reader in better understanding what is meant by MCHB Strategic Research Issue #2, the following are examples of possible areas of study addressing this issue. They are only examples for illustrative purposes and do not constitute preferences for funding consideration. The Bureau strongly encourages research studies that specifically address issues related to MCHB investments and programs.

  • Determine the effectiveness, impact, and cost benefits of cultural and linguistic competence (5) in public health care and service systems.
  • Study the causes for disparities in access to and utilization of early and adequate prenatal care in different regions of the country, differentiating by rural, urban and frontier areas, and the effects of such disparities.
  • Investigate the effects of interdisciplinary and collaborative practice of health professions (including but not limited to nursing, oral health, pharmacy, mental health and pediatrics) on reducing barriers to health care access.
  • Assess the impact of community-based genetic counseling and education programs in medically underserved communities to evaluate whether increased genetic counseling and education programs will make a difference in access by underserved communities to genetic resources and services.
  • Study interventions to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in pre-term/low birth weight and other infant health outcomes.
  • Study the contribution of contextual effects on disparities in MCH outcomes.

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