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Healthy Start

A healthy start for every baby begins with a healthy mother. The Healthy Start program works to improve health outcomes before, during, and after pregnancy.

What we aim to do

A woman holds a baby above her against a blue sky.

Enhance mothers' health

Improve the well-being of mothers who are expecting or have just given birth and their partners.

A laughing infant is held up by two arms.

Prevent infant death

Invest in communities with infant death rates that are 1.5x the U.S. national average or greater.

A smiling woman holds a newborn in front of her face.

Eliminate health disparities

Reduce racial and ethnic differences in rates of negative infant and maternal health outcomes.

Ensure everyone has the same access to care.

How we help women and their families

Local Healthy Start projects enroll women, their partners, infants, and children (up to 18 months).

What do you offer in these communities?

We help through a variety of activities. We:

  • Reach out and coordinate care

    • Link parents with services
    • Help patients reach health and wellness goals
  • Screen for mental and behavioral health, refer people to care, and offer care
    • Treat depression
    • Address violence in relationships
  • Offer clinical and public health services
    • Care before, during, and after pregnancy
    • Immunization and health education
  • Educate and train on best practices
    For Healthy Start staff, community partners, and providers

How partnering improves health care access and quality

Healthy Start programs build on existing resources to improve health care quality and access.

Every Healthy Start program has a Community Consortium. This is a group of people who work on a similar issue.

Who does this include?

It includes people who:

  • Take part in the Healthy Start program
  • Live in the community
  • Lead in the community or state (including faith-based)
  • Serve Title V
  • Provide medical and social services
  • Work in public health

How does this help the local community?

By partnering with people in the community, we can:

  • Address gaps in service
  • Create services that consider different cultures and languages
  • Increase awareness of infant health issues
  • Focus on other factors that affect health like steady income, transportation, education, and housing

Who else do awardees work with?

How is Healthy Start different from the Home Visiting Program?

The Healthy Start and the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (known as Home Visiting) both reach pregnant women and families. But, they differ in terms of both funding and approach.

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