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Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM)

Through a cooperative agreement with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), AIM supports safe maternal care to reduce severe maternal illness and deaths in hospitals and birthing centers.

Promoting Quality and Safety in Maternal Care

AIM promotes safety and quality of care during and immediately after childbirth. This work seeks to reduce disparities in health outcomes based on race and ethnicity. For example, Non-Hispanic Black women and American Indian/Alaska Native women are two to three times as likely to die of pregnancy-related causes as compared to their white, Asian Pacific Islander, and Hispanic counterparts.1

Promoting the Uptake of Safety Bundles

This national effort promotes the development and uptake of “maternal safety bundles.” AIM bundles are sets of straightforward proven practices used in birthing facilities that improve patient outcomes and reduce severe illness and death. Research shows that these practices are effective in improving health outcomes.

These bundles address issues such as:

  • Obstetric hemorrhage
  • Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy
  • Safe Reduction of Primary Cesarean Birth
  • Cardiac Conditions in Obstetrical Care
  • Care for Pregnant and Postpartum People with Substance Use Disorder
  • Perinatal Mental Health Conditions (under revision)
  • Postpartum Discharge Transition
  • Sepsis in Obstetrical Care

Continuous Quality Improvement

The work is carried out through state-based teams. Participating teams collect and analyze data to drive continuous improvements.

AIM is comprised of private and public partners across the spectrum of maternity care providers, public health agencies, birthing facilities, hospital networks and associations, quality care collaboratives, community groups, and patients with lived experience. The teams encourage widespread adoption of the safety bundles.

The Reach of This Initiative

As of September 2022, there are 48 states plus the District of Columbia enrolled in AIM, reaching about 70% of birthing facilities within the participating states (1,841 of 2,632 birthing facilities). Any birthing facility may join through a state-based team.

Funding Details

We invest $2 million to create this national partnership of state-based teams.

This cooperative agreement will recompete in 2023.

Current awardee and funding information:

AIM in Broader Context

AIM is one of many investments we make to improve maternal health. Find all our maternal health investments on our Maternal Health Focus Area Webpage and our Mental and Behavioral Health Focus Area Webpage. We also invest in safety bundle implementation at the community level through AIM Community Care Initiative (AIM CCI).

1. Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System

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