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Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) and AIM-Community Care (AIM-CCI)

These programs support safe maternal care to reduce severe maternal illness and deaths.

AIM and AIM-CCI develop and promote the use of “maternal safety bundles.” Bundles are clear-cut, evidence-based practices that improve patient outcomes.

What Does AIM Do?

AIM supports maternal safety bundles designed for hospitals. These bundles address issues including:

  • Obstetric hemorrhage
  • Severe high blood pressure
  • Blood clots that form in veins
  • Reducing Cesarean births
  • Reducing delivery-related racial and ethnic disparities
  • Obstetric care for women with Opioid Use Disorder

As of October 2021, 44 states plus the District of Columbia enrolled in AIM. There are 1,926 birthing facilities implementing safety bundles. Any hospital may join through a state-based team.

What Does AIM-CCI Do?

AIM-CCI supports using maternal safety bundles beyond hospitals. These settings include community-based organizations and outpatient clinics. The program is currently testing a postpartum bundle and plans more bundles for development.

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