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Child and Adolescent Health

The experiences and situations that young people face have a big effect on their overall well-being. Their health care, relationships, and economic situations all play a role in how they grow physically, mentally, and socially. These factors shape their development and have a lasting impact on their lives.

Our approach

Our commitment is to address the needs of youth, including those needs that already exist, as well as emerging and emergency needs. We collaborate with government, state, and local groups to improve the systems for all children.

We place emphasis on ensuring that children and youth with special health care needs receive equal access to care, just like any other child. Also, we help teenagers transition to young adult health services.

Through our investments, we strive to improve access to health care within school systems, making it easier for young people to receive the care they need in a familiar and convenient setting.

We spur national guidelines for checkups, ensuring that health care providers follow consistent standards. We also work toward making behavioral health care a regular part of these checkups. We are aware that most teenagers do not currently receive preventive medical visitsi. Our goal is to change this.

Our complementary programs promote better health outcomes by:

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