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Nutrition Workforce Equity Enhancement

The purpose of the Nutrition Workforce Equity Enhancement is to strengthen partnerships with Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) to build a broader infrastructure to recruit and support current and emerging nutrition professionals and students from underrepresented groups. This project will serve as a model to create additional MCH nutrition career pathways and increase racial and ethnic diversity in the nutrition workforce. 

Program activities include:

  1. Student Support (e.g., recruitment, student stipends, training activities, mentorship programs);
  2. Faculty Support (e.g., pilot research projects for junior faculty, coaching, workforce development); and
  3. Continuing Education (CE) and Technical Assistance (TA) to MSIs, (e.g., curriculum development, capacity building, pathways to accreditation).


Pennsylvania State University
Grant Title: Translational Training, Education, and Leadership in MCH Nutrition - Undergraduate Pathways: The TRANSCEND-UP Program

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